Installation of the Administrative Board

Installation of the Administrative Board

Election of the Vice President.
Decisions regarding the shareholders’ agreement.

At the request of CONSOB (the Italian Securities and Exchange Commission), the Mps Foundation announces that the Administrative Board, chaired by Prof. Marcello Clarich, was installed today.
After checking the board members’ requisites as required by law and by the Foundation’s Charter, the Administrative Board elected Prof. Bettina Campedelli Vice President.

With regard to the request by “BTG Pactual Europe” and “Fintech Advisory Inc” to replace two of the four board members of MPS Bank appointed by the Foundation with two representatives of their own, as per the shareholders’ agreement, the Administrative Board decided to send a letter to each of the four board members chosen by the Foundation.

The letter took note of the shareholders’ great disappointment at not yet being part of the Bank’s board and offered the willingness on the Foundation’s part, if requested, to cover the lost compensation for any board members who submitted their resignation.

The Foundation, along with the local institutions whenever possible, will also ensure those members public recognition and appreciation of their willingness to offer their resignation.

The administrative board also highlighted the fact that respect of the agreement, as well as its consolidation and development, as mutually agreed by the Parties, is the primary objective of the Foundation in order to maintain and continue the historic link between the Foundation, the Bank and its territory.